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I GOT ME A NEW LIVEJOURNAL!! YAY!! [26 Dec 2002|09:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I GOT A NEW LIVEJOURNAL.. yay!! Umm.. my new name is wynn_is_cool actually sounds like im copying courtney, but thats been my password for alotta things.. and i couldn't thnk of anything else so i said fuck it..

this will be the last time i write in here most likely.. so add my other name bitch!

Bye bye old journal!! You have been fun, but it's time to make a change. Bye!!

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[ mood | weird ]

I just woke up and i feel like shit.. i fell asleep with a bad headache from smokin shit weed.. so i'm not doing to wonderful.. when i was asleep i had this crazy dream someone broke my bowl.. and it was in pieces.. so i woke up outta my sleep and checked.. it was broke.. i was like what the hell man.. now i'm starting to worry about my bowl..

Yesterday was pretty umm.. stupid.. Well at like 1 or something i went over to Ill's house to give him his christmas present and hang out for a lil while.. chris ended up coming over too.. he was being super nice for taking my bowl and shit before.. i dont know he said he didnt want me "hating" on him about that and told me this whole long story.. i dont know.. i figure i'll give him a chance not to be a cocksucker and if he proves to me he's not then we are fine.. anyways he was all asking me to smell him and asking if he smelt nice... i was like yeah.. i dunno.. Ill's parents are the cutist people i have ever met i swear i just wanna put them in my pockets and keep them forever.. there so nice and adorable.. hmm i waited there for about two hours maybe.. got my forty billz of trees that were shit.. hmm came home ate dinner with my family real fast.. smoked some pot with erin.. fell asleep.. erin and brina woke me up at like 12... smoked some more then.. then i went back to bed with this huge headache.. i woke up at like 11.. but really i only got like 3 hours of sleep.. blah

This christmas vacation is going by either way to fast or way to slow..i dont know.. its just been really shitty so far.. maybe it will get better.. but by then it will be over.. i wanna get drunk i havent done that in awhile.. maybe this everday not let a day pass smoking but thing just aint cutting it.. hmm well i thought this was gonna be my long entry.. but i dont feel like writing anymore.. so bye.

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her heart bleeds crimson...her eyes cry discolor... [25 Dec 2002|12:45pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

blahhh.. Merry Christmas ho ho ho.. yeah. It's a bunch of shit.. I guess i made out ok... I got my bowl.. three cameras.. all together 90 billz.. um a bunch of socks.. couple shirts.. and candy.. it just really dumb.. i really wish i could spend christmas with my mom and brother.. its just not the same at all.. and it hasn't been since i was like 7.. ive never been able to have both parents together on any holidays including my birthday.. they have so much hate for eachother.. they put there kids in between it and we get screwed over.. just like how my whole family hates me because of my mom.. cause they don't like her.. so automatically..yah know seeing how i fucked up there whole marrage and i cheated on one another and bullshit.. im hated.. fuck family.. fuck christmas.. all i want to do is smoke some pot.. and go to chris and justins grave.. christmas is just an excuse to spend your money.. it has nothing at all anymore to do with love and caring.. for that matter ever since i can remember it hasnt.. its just like lets go out spend hundreds of dollars to show how much we care.. fuck that.. give someone a hug tell them you love them.. to me that would show me more love then getting a million dollar present..

I'm coughing up a lung or two just so you know I'm breathing well in front of you.
I'm holding out a knife or two just so you know I'm standing next to you.
You can't always be down or out. But if you try you won't be found.
You can't always get what you want. That's for sure.
I'm sending out a note or two that says we're all going to the same place,
so it doesn't matter where you are in line.
I'm holding one hand or two depending if we're walking or dancing.
Either way I'm feeling fine.

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I NEED A CODE!!! [24 Dec 2002|10:18pm]
Oh yeah, I'm in need of a live journal code.. so if anyone has one pllleeeassee leave me a comment!!!

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Maybe someday yOu'LL realize thru all the pAiN and HuRt and LiEs i'Ll be the one right by yOuR side [24 Dec 2002|10:03pm]
[ mood | i feel like shit! ]

today was pretty shitty.. i was bummed all day about justin and ryan.. i was supposed to go up to justin's grave today but everything was so fucked up and my dad had to go to church and shit.. soo i'm going tomorrow.. i smoked like four times today.. it kept my mind of shit for awhile i guess.. but not right now..

I really wish i could see my mom and my little brother that would be so great.. :( i know i'm not going to so thats a huge let down...

i got 45 dollars today 20 more then i exspected.. turns out my great aunt betty sent me erin and melissa money so that was pretty sweet.. im just gonna buy stoges and pot on it like always cause yes im that pathetic.. oh well.. hopefully i will save some for new years eve.. MELISSA JAY an DAD won't be home.. and the baby is sleeping at my grandmom's it will be sweet i can't wait i haven't "really" got drunk in a long time.. so sweeeet..

I was reading back in my journal.. and i realized i need to make a long entry on some shit.. but not just yet.. i'm to screwed right now.. so maybe tomorrow or something..

*Rest In Peace Ryan and Justin Forever Missed and Loved*

well im tired and dont really feel like typing.. so bye!

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Yo Quiero Fumar (I Wanna Get High) [23 Dec 2002|01:05am]
[ mood | bored ]

Handle it, handle it
You know, motherfuckers need to have some weed etiquete
True, true
You see, motherfuckers try to come up and bogard your weed
At the club, and they don't wanna share theirs
Can I get a hit of your weed

You know I hate it when I roll a joint and give it to somebody
Who ain't got weed but they wanna be up in the party
Laughin and gigglin, sippin on a Heinie
Son you need a Tic Tac your breath is gonna blind me
Talkin about you wanna hit, spittin in my eardrum
Oh you new in the cypher, step to the rear son
Still they manage to hit it, and put they grip on it
That's when they wet the tip and put they lips on it
Then when you get it, forget it, it's been wetted
Who gonna hit it now, not me, you got me
Thinkin about these fuckin jokers, double tokers
Smokers who hit it like they suckin a dick, fuckers
Flippin it, lovin it, smokin it to the head
Givin it to me half way down, "thanks again"
Then when you see 'em later smokin they own stash
When you ask 'em for a hit, they say, "sorry this is my last"
I shared some with you, "Sorry that's not my problem
Talk to the hand but I got plenty if you wanna buy some"
These people piss me off, this is true indeed
But nothin's worse when someone's askin for some weed
What do I look like a tree where the bud grows
Here pick my left nut and smoke it in the bol
Or better grow your own leave mine alone
Here I'll give you a clone now raise up outta my zone
I know I got the best weed, but don't make me
Make your burnt chest bleed what you need
Is weed etiquette, please don't be offended
Cuz the weed costs money I'm the one who has to spend it

And that's just the way it is man
Y'all motherfuckers need to learn
You just can't come, askin for some shit and not givin none in return
What the fuck is that man? We goin into 2000 motherfucker
You need to learn how to smoke some weed with people
Pass it to the left motherfuckers
Can I get a hit of your weed

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I'm afraid of changes. [22 Dec 2002|08:16pm]
[ mood | high ]

Today was pretty sweet. I went to columbus sale, and I got three pacs of stoges, a cool glass bowl, and a sweet ass bong.. for christmas.. so i'm set..

I smoked three times like a little while ago so im feeling pretty high.. so thats cool..

i have nothing to say at all.. so bye.

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where the fucks my poppa dukes? [21 Dec 2002|11:51am]
[ mood | nerdy ]

christmas break is here yay!

Sammi's over my house she spent the night.. we made TEA!!!

Yesterday i went to bordentown.. saw jim.. ryan.. and my boo.. that was cool.. i dont hang out with any people from bordentown that much anymore.. just my katie.. thats cause she comes down here and i aint gotta go up there to see her everyday like everyone else..

blah.. blah.. blah.. im sending brents pictures today wooo hooo!!!


your stupid! bye.

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Die, Die My Darling [19 Dec 2002|07:49pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]


Christmas break starts tomorrow thank god!!

Going to ryan's grave tomorrow.. and going to justins on christmas eve.. i cant believe its been a year almost..

Yesterday, i hung out with katie it was fun.. katie is one of the coolist hicks i ever met and shes great cause she dont get on my nerves like most girls do.. hmm we went to the school so she could skate... it was cool.. even if it was freezing..

Today i walked home from school with Kelly, Ill, Sammi, and Eddy.. then came to my crib in search of bryans ass.. but never got ahold of him.. ill just blaze with him some other time to make up for missing his birthday... I had to go to the store and get shit for a party we are having tomorrow..

I think im getting my cell tookin away cuz together me and erin for a month ran up a five hundred dollar bill.. heh

I'm pretty sure im going to minnesota this summer to see brent.. if i do its gonna be the coolist thing ever to happen to me.. im sending im pictures of me and people for christmas in the mail.. cause thats what he said he wanted from me.. i gotta send them out tomorrow.. even though they aint gonna be there before x-mas...

Well.. my neck hurts so bye.

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ROLL ANOTHER JOINT! [18 Dec 2002|03:06pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Yea well I know, there’s no point in rushing
I'll get my chance when
The time is right
I'll get mine
in no time
I want to shine
With you by my side...

Dentist appointment at five.. fuck a denist app i hate those fuckin shits every month

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yerp. [17 Dec 2002|06:57pm]
[ mood | blah ]

you fuck wit my crew
and ill fuck with you
you wont see me comin and you'll think were cool
untill i see you fool
well guess what (what)
im not the same person that you thought you knew
because you crossed a line
and now your ass is mine
you did the crime
now pay the fine
haha yea rite im lying
your money cant help your ass out this time
cuz i dont need a dime
id rather be broke
then be a joke
cuz your gonna choke
on your lies when they go up in smoke
you think your hot shit
well your not bitch
you want to pop shit
you better watch it
cuz im not gonna hesitate
to demonstrate
my intense hate
for you bitches who are fake
your just a lightweight
im trying to debate
if i should hit you straight
from the gate
or should i wait
till your parents vacate
for you too meet your fate
cock my fist back this is gonna be great
look into your eyes and watch ur pupils dialate
you gasp for air as your lungs inflate
i can hear the rise in your heart rate
guess what nigga this is checkmate!

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fuck you, have a nice day. [17 Dec 2002|06:19pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

ah... i smoked alot today with alotta people.. Ill talked to ben for me =) yay!

School blows my ass.

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Are you the one that I need [16 Dec 2002|08:03pm]
[ mood | high ]

ah. i didn't do shit today except talk to people and babysit wynn and josie. I'm fucking bored. I just smoked. YEAH!


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don't fuck with trick ass niggas [16 Dec 2002|08:19am]
[ mood | need a newpy bitch. ]

One of these days i'll
don't fuck with trick ass niggas
cause they
turn into bitch ass niggas
i'm sick of bein stuck in tha county jail
my niggas clown
bring a pound
when they posten bail
smokein' blunts in tha driveway
my four-five screamin
fuck tha police
won't fly away, thug, till I die
you wonder why I'm made this way
I wasn't
turned out
I was raised this way
of thinkin
these are tha dreams of a young teen
sceam, and stack green on tha crack fiends
one time can't hold me
one of these days
we gotta bust back for tha homies
locked down in tha penitentry
finaly loose my mind
if tha pigs succeed
stress, smoken weed and nicoteen
but what a nigga really need is Thorozine
right before I die
i'll be curseing tha law
reincarnated bitch even worse than before
my four-four's givin payback
my underhanded plan
to get them niggas while they laid back
and big stretch hit tha scene with tha mini 14
servin suckers like dope fiends
and lead tha whole team

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right. [16 Dec 2002|07:26am]
[ mood | tired ]

cumslut barbie

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Add on "Spit-it-back" function sold separately.

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pierced nipple

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I aint at school cause i missed the bus. damn. i talked to ben till thrre a.m. last night and im so fucking tired so im out ill updait later i suppose. bye.
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yo [15 Dec 2002|10:53pm]
[ mood | my neck hurts ]

I finally got my computer fixed. finally! Wow!

I don't have much to say really.. everythings been all creazy and shit.. ive been fighting with my sister Erin like really bad.. it sucks cause its by the holidays and all, and i havent talked to her at all for about a week or two.. unless it be yelling and screaming fuck you at eachother.. she said to me that im a worthless piece of shit.. i mean yeah i do.. do some shitty stuff.. but atleast i go to school and if i were old enough would get a fucking job.. and atleast i dont live of my dad and exspect him to supply me with my cigs and pot.. so fuck her.. i havent spoken to her and i will not speak to her untill she comes out of this bitchy ass faze.. maybe being around nick and ryan somuchis makin her this way but yo its fucking dumb..

Blah.. im going to bed.bye!

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You cut off all your fingers and tarde them in for dollar bills. [05 Dec 2002|08:11pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

YEAH. umm i dont know hwta i have been up to not much really i had a rash for like five days.. i had an alergic reaction to my lip ring and the doctor told me to take it out immedetly.. i said fuck him.. i aint taking it out.. its pretty much cleared up now though it itched so fuckin bad..

My guns -n- roses concert is tomorrow.. this should be fuckin awesome.. i wish i could got to the misfits concert though but no one that could give me a ride wanted to go.. o well

Today was a very intresting snow day.. i came over brinas at like 12 um then i called john g.. but john m got on the phone all along i thought i was talking to golia then i was like wait whos this and he said john m and i was like wtf well oh well i need to talk to you anyway so we walked over to Johns and got a gram then smoked.. um we went sledding it was fucking freazing that sucked.. john went sledding funny shit.. aight i gotta go bye

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the worst is over [20 Nov 2002|02:50pm]
[ mood | hot ]

blah blah blah.. im at sammis moms house.. talkin to matt.. i havent done much of nothing sept hang out with some people and shit.. my sister melissa had her baby Josie Love Donofrio.. 8 pounds 11 ounces..November 14, 2002 shes really really beautiful.. and adorable.. hmm she cries alot but thats normal.. i dunno its odd.. how you can love some one so much that hasnt even been in the world for a week.. =)

anyways my dad finally got me my cell phone he got the phone shut off and we all have cell phones.. hes dumb.. but my number is 220-4725..

aight i gotta go.. bye

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skippin bitch [12 Nov 2002|11:47am]
[ mood | confused ]

ahh .. well i dunno i dont every fuckin updait.. but from like wed till sat i smoked and shit.. sunday i chilled with ritz all day.. it was fun.. i missed him i never see him much sept at school and when hes at work which is a lot of the time.. but we hung out all day till like nine o'clock.. we smoked a blunt then we smoked with john.. it was fun.. yesterday was stupid.. and today im skippin school with kelly.. we went to homeroom.. Ill's here now too.. its so fuckin early and shit... im like in a fight with eddy nyul it sucks.. i dunno he said to his siter that im obsessed with him and ashly told me and i got pissed cuz i aint obsessed with him.. so on sunday i saw him and i didnt give him a hug like i usually do and he was like wtf wheres my hug.. and i was like i dunno.. its cracked out..

I havent hung out with sabrina cuz she has been a bitch lately.. maybe she will realize that im pretty much the only person who hangs out with her cuz im the only one who can put up with her shit.. but i cant take all the screaming anymore.. so fuck it..

my computer is getting fixed for christmas melissa and jason are paying for it.. jason is putting all this cool shit on it.. but christmas is so far away i want to get on the net now.. we are getting cable internet so thats hot.. umm.. yeah

Jerry Springer is the man..

Someone ppppllleaassee leave me a comment and ill love you forever..

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watching black people fight is FUNNY!! [31 Oct 2002|11:59am]
[ mood | headache ]

I havent done much of shit really.. i need a fuckin job.. i hate having no money were i cant do anything at all it sucks..

Yesterday i didnt go to school and me erin jay fields and ryan walked up to the liquor barn.. damn it was freezing.. but on the way there we found this unbrella and the handle was shaped like a dick.. dude it was so priceless.. we saw pjoey on the way too.. hmm ryan bought some alcohol and we drank when we got home.. at three in the morning jay and craig woke me up and wouldnt let me go back to sleep till i smoked two bowls with them.. i was like oookk.. when i woke up this morning i was tired as hell though.. so todays halloween.. i have to take brinas cousin out trick or treating then after that i have no idea what im doing.. prob find ben and eddy and hang out with those jews... um ok i have nothing left to say.. bye

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