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skippin bitch

ahh .. well i dunno i dont every fuckin updait.. but from like wed till sat i smoked and shit.. sunday i chilled with ritz all day.. it was fun.. i missed him i never see him much sept at school and when hes at work which is a lot of the time.. but we hung out all day till like nine o'clock.. we smoked a blunt then we smoked with john.. it was fun.. yesterday was stupid.. and today im skippin school with kelly.. we went to homeroom.. Ill's here now too.. its so fuckin early and shit... im like in a fight with eddy nyul it sucks.. i dunno he said to his siter that im obsessed with him and ashly told me and i got pissed cuz i aint obsessed with him.. so on sunday i saw him and i didnt give him a hug like i usually do and he was like wtf wheres my hug.. and i was like i dunno.. its cracked out..

I havent hung out with sabrina cuz she has been a bitch lately.. maybe she will realize that im pretty much the only person who hangs out with her cuz im the only one who can put up with her shit.. but i cant take all the screaming anymore.. so fuck it..

my computer is getting fixed for christmas melissa and jason are paying for it.. jason is putting all this cool shit on it.. but christmas is so far away i want to get on the net now.. we are getting cable internet so thats hot.. umm.. yeah

Jerry Springer is the man..

Someone ppppllleaassee leave me a comment and ill love you forever..
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