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watching black people fight is FUNNY!!

I havent done much of shit really.. i need a fuckin job.. i hate having no money were i cant do anything at all it sucks..

Yesterday i didnt go to school and me erin jay fields and ryan walked up to the liquor barn.. damn it was freezing.. but on the way there we found this unbrella and the handle was shaped like a dick.. dude it was so priceless.. we saw pjoey on the way too.. hmm ryan bought some alcohol and we drank when we got home.. at three in the morning jay and craig woke me up and wouldnt let me go back to sleep till i smoked two bowls with them.. i was like oookk.. when i woke up this morning i was tired as hell though.. so todays halloween.. i have to take brinas cousin out trick or treating then after that i have no idea what im doing.. prob find ben and eddy and hang out with those jews... um ok i have nothing left to say.. bye
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