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You cut off all your fingers and tarde them in for dollar bills.

YEAH. umm i dont know hwta i have been up to not much really i had a rash for like five days.. i had an alergic reaction to my lip ring and the doctor told me to take it out immedetly.. i said fuck him.. i aint taking it out.. its pretty much cleared up now though it itched so fuckin bad..

My guns -n- roses concert is tomorrow.. this should be fuckin awesome.. i wish i could got to the misfits concert though but no one that could give me a ride wanted to go.. o well

Today was a very intresting snow day.. i came over brinas at like 12 um then i called john g.. but john m got on the phone all along i thought i was talking to golia then i was like wait whos this and he said john m and i was like wtf well oh well i need to talk to you anyway so we walked over to Johns and got a gram then smoked.. um we went sledding it was fucking freazing that sucked.. john went sledding funny shit.. aight i gotta go bye
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