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I finally got my computer fixed. finally! Wow!

I don't have much to say really.. everythings been all creazy and shit.. ive been fighting with my sister Erin like really bad.. it sucks cause its by the holidays and all, and i havent talked to her at all for about a week or two.. unless it be yelling and screaming fuck you at eachother.. she said to me that im a worthless piece of shit.. i mean yeah i do.. do some shitty stuff.. but atleast i go to school and if i were old enough would get a fucking job.. and atleast i dont live of my dad and exspect him to supply me with my cigs and pot.. so fuck her.. i havent spoken to her and i will not speak to her untill she comes out of this bitchy ass faze.. maybe being around nick and ryan somuchis makin her this way but yo its fucking dumb..

Blah.. im going to bed.bye!
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