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Die, Die My Darling


Christmas break starts tomorrow thank god!!

Going to ryan's grave tomorrow.. and going to justins on christmas eve.. i cant believe its been a year almost..

Yesterday, i hung out with katie it was fun.. katie is one of the coolist hicks i ever met and shes great cause she dont get on my nerves like most girls do.. hmm we went to the school so she could skate... it was cool.. even if it was freezing..

Today i walked home from school with Kelly, Ill, Sammi, and Eddy.. then came to my crib in search of bryans ass.. but never got ahold of him.. ill just blaze with him some other time to make up for missing his birthday... I had to go to the store and get shit for a party we are having tomorrow..

I think im getting my cell tookin away cuz together me and erin for a month ran up a five hundred dollar bill.. heh

I'm pretty sure im going to minnesota this summer to see brent.. if i do its gonna be the coolist thing ever to happen to me.. im sending im pictures of me and people for christmas in the mail.. cause thats what he said he wanted from me.. i gotta send them out tomorrow.. even though they aint gonna be there before x-mas...

Well.. my neck hurts so bye.
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