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Maybe someday yOu'LL realize thru all the pAiN and HuRt and LiEs i'Ll be the one right by yOuR side

today was pretty shitty.. i was bummed all day about justin and ryan.. i was supposed to go up to justin's grave today but everything was so fucked up and my dad had to go to church and shit.. soo i'm going tomorrow.. i smoked like four times today.. it kept my mind of shit for awhile i guess.. but not right now..

I really wish i could see my mom and my little brother that would be so great.. :( i know i'm not going to so thats a huge let down...

i got 45 dollars today 20 more then i exspected.. turns out my great aunt betty sent me erin and melissa money so that was pretty sweet.. im just gonna buy stoges and pot on it like always cause yes im that pathetic.. oh well.. hopefully i will save some for new years eve.. MELISSA JAY an DAD won't be home.. and the baby is sleeping at my grandmom's it will be sweet i can't wait i haven't "really" got drunk in a long time.. so sweeeet..

I was reading back in my journal.. and i realized i need to make a long entry on some shit.. but not just yet.. i'm to screwed right now.. so maybe tomorrow or something..

*Rest In Peace Ryan and Justin Forever Missed and Loved*

well im tired and dont really feel like typing.. so bye!
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