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her heart bleeds crimson...her eyes cry discolor...

blahhh.. Merry Christmas ho ho ho.. yeah. It's a bunch of shit.. I guess i made out ok... I got my bowl.. three cameras.. all together 90 billz.. um a bunch of socks.. couple shirts.. and candy.. it just really dumb.. i really wish i could spend christmas with my mom and brother.. its just not the same at all.. and it hasn't been since i was like 7.. ive never been able to have both parents together on any holidays including my birthday.. they have so much hate for eachother.. they put there kids in between it and we get screwed over.. just like how my whole family hates me because of my mom.. cause they don't like her.. so automatically..yah know seeing how i fucked up there whole marrage and i cheated on one another and bullshit.. im hated.. fuck family.. fuck christmas.. all i want to do is smoke some pot.. and go to chris and justins grave.. christmas is just an excuse to spend your money.. it has nothing at all anymore to do with love and caring.. for that matter ever since i can remember it hasnt.. its just like lets go out spend hundreds of dollars to show how much we care.. fuck that.. give someone a hug tell them you love them.. to me that would show me more love then getting a million dollar present..

I'm coughing up a lung or two just so you know I'm breathing well in front of you.
I'm holding out a knife or two just so you know I'm standing next to you.
You can't always be down or out. But if you try you won't be found.
You can't always get what you want. That's for sure.
I'm sending out a note or two that says we're all going to the same place,
so it doesn't matter where you are in line.
I'm holding one hand or two depending if we're walking or dancing.
Either way I'm feeling fine.
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