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I just woke up and i feel like shit.. i fell asleep with a bad headache from smokin shit weed.. so i'm not doing to wonderful.. when i was asleep i had this crazy dream someone broke my bowl.. and it was in pieces.. so i woke up outta my sleep and checked.. it was broke.. i was like what the hell man.. now i'm starting to worry about my bowl..

Yesterday was pretty umm.. stupid.. Well at like 1 or something i went over to Ill's house to give him his christmas present and hang out for a lil while.. chris ended up coming over too.. he was being super nice for taking my bowl and shit before.. i dont know he said he didnt want me "hating" on him about that and told me this whole long story.. i dont know.. i figure i'll give him a chance not to be a cocksucker and if he proves to me he's not then we are fine.. anyways he was all asking me to smell him and asking if he smelt nice... i was like yeah.. i dunno.. Ill's parents are the cutist people i have ever met i swear i just wanna put them in my pockets and keep them forever.. there so nice and adorable.. hmm i waited there for about two hours maybe.. got my forty billz of trees that were shit.. hmm came home ate dinner with my family real fast.. smoked some pot with erin.. fell asleep.. erin and brina woke me up at like 12... smoked some more then.. then i went back to bed with this huge headache.. i woke up at like 11.. but really i only got like 3 hours of sleep.. blah

This christmas vacation is going by either way to fast or way to slow..i dont know.. its just been really shitty so far.. maybe it will get better.. but by then it will be over.. i wanna get drunk i havent done that in awhile.. maybe this everday not let a day pass smoking but thing just aint cutting it.. hmm well i thought this was gonna be my long entry.. but i dont feel like writing anymore.. so bye.
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